Business consulting to meet all your needs.

Areas of Service


Project MAnagment 

Project Management is key to a successful company and J.A.Rehrig Consulting houses a PMP certified consultant that will lead to any project being completed within scope.


Ideas, tangible or not, are the most important things. We will ensure that your company is aligned to successfully complete all day to day activities within scope. 

BUsiness Plan Creation

When launching a business, owners may feel as though they are overwhelmed and have no direction. J.A.Rehrig Consulting will draft all documents needed to launch a new company and assist in road-mapping a companies future. 

NEw Customer Marketing

Using analytics and a tailored strategy J.A.Rehrig Consulting will launch a new customer marketing strategy that will greatly increase customer retention rates.


Profits are the life blood of any company, J.A.Rehrig Consulting will review all areas of a company to ensure that capital is being used properly and recommend cuts as seen fit.

merger and ACQUISITIONS 

Our firm will lead you down a path of growth and profit maximization. Once the proper level of growth has been reached we will assist in developing an exit strategy while using external resources to find the right buyer.

Advanced Analytics

Experienced consultants will use advanced metrics to analyze the needs of each company separately and craft the best possible solution for each client on a client by client basis.


Examining every area of the company from several different view point we will be able to develop a new strategy that will radically shift the direction of any organization.

Direct and indirect sales

J.A.Rehrig Consulting will charge a minimal fee to drive a companies revenue stream through sales.  The firm will charge a commission based on the number of units sold to assist both our firm and your company in profit maximization.